Two new Benton Park microbreweries

Mattingly MicrobreweryThey say that good things come in pairs. I’ve always been rather fond of microbreweries, so I guess in stands to reason that they would hold to this rule. If everything goes as planned, the Benton Park Neighborhood of South St. Louis, will be home to two such establishments by the end of 2008: Mattingly Brewing Company and The Stable.

Mattingly Brewing Company
After months of work on their project at 3000 S. Jefferson, it looks like brothers Doug and Mike Mattingly are getting close to completion. When finished, the development will feature 2 commercial spaces, a copy center and temporary offices. Not bad for a stretch of Jefferson that was all but dead just a few years ago. However, the real attention grabber for the project is that it will be anchored by a microbrewery.

I’ve worked with Doug and Mike on some real estate deals in the past and I’m really excited for them. I’m sure they’ll do great and I for one can’t wait for their place to open. Currently targeted for an early May opening, Mattingly Brewing Company will not only be brewing their own beer, they will also be serving gourmet pizza, sandwiches and other food items. There will also be an outdoor beer garden in the rear. The South Side Journal spotlighted the project in today’s newspaper. You can read it for yourself here.

Stable MicrobreweryThe Stable
While I have known about the Mattingly project for some time, I must confess that I knew nothing about The Stable until this morning. Featured in the “Gossip” Section of the April issue of Sauce Magazine, it looks like this microbrewery will be going in at the southeast section of Benton Park, at the location of the former Lemp Brewery stables. Here is what Sauce had to say:

The old Lemp stables will soon be home to the hard stuff, when the Amalgamated Brewing Co., which also owns The Rotten Apple in Grafton, debuts The Stable, a microbrewery, distillery and pizzeria, at Cherokee Street and Lemp Avenue next month. Owners Jesse Jones and Paul Pointer will brew a lager and distill absinthe, grappa, vodka, rum, gin and moonshine (a corn-based liquor) under the brand name Hytest; the spirits will be served at The Stable, and the pair intend to distribute the hard stuff eventually. But Hytest won’t be the only brand at the Benton Park spot; Jones said that other spirits and brews, including local suds, will be available, including a large Belgian selection. There’ll be items for teetotalers, too: handcrafted Neapolitan-style pizza, sandwiches and salads.

From the sound of it, this project’s completion date is anyone’s guess. I drove down to the Lemp Brewery and scouted out the area, and I can see no signs of construction from the exterior. I’m still not even 100% sure which building will house the development. I assume its the property on the northwest corner of the Cherokee-Lemp intersection. As you can see from the picture I took, if that’s the case, they have plenty of work to do. But anything that improves the area and brings attention to the Lemp Brewery is a worthwhile endeavor in my book.

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