Mississippi River Bridge progresses

Despite the fact  that MODOT is putting the brakes on most new transportation projects, it seems that one high profile project hasn’t been affected: the new Mississippi River Bridge in Downtown St. Louis. I covered this project a lot in early 2008, but things have been pretty silent in the past year. The Post Dispatch is reporting it likely that the $640 million project will break ground in 2010 with a construction timetable between four and six years. It seems that Missouri’s funding for the project is in place, and that the portion to be fronted by the State of Illinois should be ready by the end of the year. One way or another. Information on the initial phase can be found here.

It’s a shame that this project is going to take so long to complete, but there is no doubt that, when finished, it will open up a variety of new options for reconnecting the Arch grounds with Downtown. Perhaps our civic leaders will step up their game on that pone to take advantage of these upcoming changes. Keep your fingers crossed.

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