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Forest Park Southeast - ManchesterDriving through the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood (aka. The Grove) earlier this week, I stumbled across three mixed-use development projects, which I had been unaware of. I guess the warm weather has brought the construction crews out of doors, shining some light on their efforts. I’ve been a big fan of what’s been going on in the neighborhood over the past couple of years, as I have said in the past. I’ve been asking around all week about these buildings and I think I have finally nailed down the situation for each. You’ll find pictures and descriptions of the projects below:

4512 ManchesterSitelines offices - 4512 Manchester

I’ve always loved this building and it looks like something is finally happening with it. The entire property and adjoining lot are fenced off and there are construction trailers parked to the side. One of the trailers has the logo of “Sidelines.” I pulled up their website ( and was quite intrigued by the fact that their office address was listed as 4512 Manchester. Talking to neighborhood residents and concerned citizens, it seems that this isn’t a fluke. Apparently this building is being converted to office space.

Yoga studio - 4301 Arco4301 Arco

Located at the corner of Arco and Tower Grove, this is building is owned by Restoration St. Louis. They have been instrumental in the continual rebirth of this neighborhood, so I am sure this will be of the same quality of all of their projects. I managed to verify, through one of the company’s real estate agents, that this building will house a yoga studio on the lower level and apartments upstairs. Its great to see commercial development migrating off the main corridor of Manchester Avenue.

4501 ManchesterMia Rosa - 4501 Manchester

Sitting at the corner of Manchester and Taylor is this long neglected building. I remember driving by this building on the way to my grandparents house (they have lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years) in the 80’s and wondering why nothing of quality was ever housed in the building. I would never have guessed that it would take 20 years for this to happen, but its great to see the property getting a second life. Another Restoration St. Louis property, this building nearly became a cajun restaurant last year, but the deal fell through and the property has just sat there since. Apparently a tenant has been found and construction is going full steam ahead. My contact at Restoration St. Louis informed me that this building will soon be home to a “rustic” Italian restaurant names Mia Rosa. A prominent local chef is said to be involved in the project so lets hope their business takes off.

Its great to see the efforts of developers in the St. Louis neighborhood of Forest Park Southeast are still going strong. Manchester has already undergone an amazing metamorphosis and it looks like it is going to continue growing. Once the large-scale developments along Chouteau in the northern section of the neighborhood take root (I’ll post about those sometime soon), things are really going to take off. In a few years time, you won’t be able to recognize the place.

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