My real estate interview on NPR

One of the best things about blogging St. Louis development and real estate deals is that I am increasingly finding myself being contacted by a lot of interesting people. I’ve actually been contacted by quite a few local and even national news providers in the past few months asking my opinion on certain matters or for advice on the direction of a story. But as great as those are for my personal morale and ego, I have yet to be featured in any of those stories. That is, until now.

Yesterday, Adam Allington of the St. Louis NPR affiliate KWMU, contacted me to ask me my opinion about the kinds of opportunities and obstacles that normal everyday buyers face when they are looking to buy a foreclosure. I guess he liked what I had to say because he asked my to meet up with him this morning. He ended up interviewing me for about an hour while we strolled through an example foreclosure in Benton Park.

The great thing about it is that he says it is going to be a national story. Who knows how much of my interview he will use, but its cool nonetheless. Getting to take part in story for a station I really respect is a great honor. Hopefully I did the real estate market and St. Louis justice in my interview. When I know about the air date, I’ll be sure to pass it along. Thanks for working with me Adam.

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