Pointer’s Market in Benton Park

UPDATE – That Sauce article was a typo. The store will only be 1,200 sq ft. –The media controls my life way too much. With the opening of the new Schnuck’s-owned grocery store, Culinaria, in Downtown, I completely missed the fact that a 12,000 sq ft grocery store is opening  just a few blocks away from me. Starting the week of August 17th, Benton Park will welcome Pointer’s Market at 2901 Salena.

This building has been under construction for some time, and there has been a sign on the front of it to mark that a grocer was moving in. What I didn’t realize is that the entire building seems to be housing the business. Who knew the place was whopping 12,000 sq ft? With a full-service grocer moving into the heart of the neighborhood, this is great news for Benton Park as well as surrounding neighborhoods such as Benton Park West, Soulard, McKinley Heights and Fox Park. I can hear the property values in the surrounding blocks going up already.


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  1. Matt Kastner August 26, 2009 at 9:27 pm #

    Just got word from one of the owners, Liz Pointer, that the square footage in that Sauce article was a typo. The store will only be 1,200 sq ft. Not as awe inspiring as 12,000 sq ft, but it is still a welcome addition to the area.

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