Modern door pull on the cheap

Trying for something a little different on your rehab, but limited on your budget? Here is a idea I recently used in rehabbing my office for my door handles. I was trying to mix the existing historic features of the space, while going for a contemporary look at the same time. I made the custom doors myself, but when it came time to find a handle that actually matched what I was looking for I was hit with a case of “sticker shock.” At over $100 a piece for the contemporary door pulls I wanted, I was looking at over $600 to use them on all my doors.

Sometimes thinking outside the box can save a lot of money. I had heard about people using handicap bars for door pulls so I went to the hardware store to check them out. Not only were they only $25 a piece, they looked very similar to the overpriced hardware I was finding online. I ended up buying all six handles for only $150. I have had them in place for a couple of months now and I couldn’t be happier.

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