Ballpark Village start date? 2011… Maybe

The Post Dispatch is reporting that Cardinals President Bill Dewitt III has informed them not to expect any changes in the 2010 lineup at the future Ballpark Village project location. Citing uncertain market conditions and financing concerns, it seems that 2011 is the earliest we can expect to hear anything. Obviously this site will eventually be developed since it is arguably the most developable infill location in the City of St. Louis, but this wait is a little trying.

On one hand I want to see the best development possible so if that means waiting for things to get better in the real estate market, so be it. On the other hand, I just can’t believe that they can’t get this thing off the ground considering St. Louis’ love affair with all thing Cardinals baseball. If other projects Downtown can get off the ground in less desirable locations I have no doubt that demand at Ballpark Village would be enough to get the first phase of this project off the ground at least. Hopefully the wait is worth it in the end and they don’t just plop a cookie-cutter project down. Too bad it will be so long until we find out.Enjoy playing softball and parking close to the stadium.


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  1. Becca-STL April 5, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    I’m from St. Louis, now living in KC. KC’s a great town. If you haven’t been to KC in the past 5 yrs, then you really haven’t been to Kansas City. Kansas City is Missouri’s most populous city with over 130,000 more citizens than St. Louis and is the fastest growing metro area in Missouri (+12.61% compared to +4.83% in STL), growing at a rate 3 times that of St. Louis. It’s amazing that when I go back to St. Louis, no one seems to be aware of these facts. And population growth is only the beginning. There are far more things to do here in the KC metropolitan area. It’s so much cleaner and shinier than St. Louis. And even in these difficult financial times, this city is continually under construction. From downtown, to the Plaza to Overland Park to the Northland to Lee’s Summit, KC is growing and building and completely out performing STL in so many ways. The new airport here dwarfs the airport in St. Louis and they still use the old airport downtown. The tallest building in MO is in KC. In fact only 5 of the tallest buildings in MO is in St. Louis, while 9 are in KC. Every major concert tour in America comes to KC while very few come to STL. Tina turner didn’t even bring her tour to STL, she Opened her tour at the Sprint Center in KC. Garth Brooks did all 9 of his sold out concerts at the Sprint Center. For those who are “down” on Cordish Corp, Cordish Corp. are no more perfect than any other business in America, but, they bring businesses and revitalize urban entertainment districts better than any other company in the U.S. For those pointing to the fact that the new stadium hasn’t attracted any new businesses to the area. It’s simple. Smart businessmen/women are “waiting” for the ballpark project to unfold before signing leases and opening their businesses. Who wouldn’t. It’s precisely this type of foot-dragging, indecision and lack of ability to work together and move forward on anything that has got this how country and economy at a stand still. And no, the Cardinals won’t drive in the business that’s needed to sustain the area. Ballpark Village “is” the draw, just as the Power and Light District here in KC “is” the draw. KC doesn’t even have a sports team downtown in their entertainment district. Yet, the Power and Light District is totally packed “every” weekend. So, Busch Stadium should be looked at as an addition to what will draw consumers and business to the area. Perhaps some of our blogger and editorialists should come to KC and take it on a “test drive” then go back to St. Louis and write their articles. People are moving to KC from all over and in droves. For those wondering why St. Louis is going nowhere, you needn’t read any further than the negative, defeatist and total lack of understanding or imaginative thinking found in the blogs and newspaper editorials around town.. It’s important that a city does enough of the right things to maintain and drive new residents to the area. St. Louis is doing all the wrong things, again!

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