Software file conversion with Zamzar

This might seem a bit off-topic for this blog, but if you are in real estate or any other business, you have likely run into this issue. Clients, agents, and tenants send me documents all the time that are for software I don’t have. Openoffice is a good (and free option) to handle that problem, but there is also a free file converter online that I have been using a lot lately: Zamzar.

The good thing about this method is that there is no need to download any software. This is a webware program that handles all the conversion through a website. The free version can convert just about any file you might have, into a format that you support. I have found this particularity helpful in working with Microsoft Publisher files, which are notoriously tough to work with. It also works with just about any other product from Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, etc.

To use the service, simply go to Once there, simply select the files on your computer that you wish to convert, what format to convert them to, and what email address to send the files to. It might take a few minutes to process, but when the procedure is complete, a link to the new file will be sent directly to you.

So the next time some sends you a Wordperfect resume that you have no way of opening, consider Zamzar as an option. It just might come in handy.  And its the best price anyone could hope for: FREE.

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