“End Eminent Domain Abuse” sign update

Although I personally think its become a bit of a landmark, it seems the City of St. Louis just scored a victory against Jim Roos in the fight over his anti-eminent-domain sign in Bohemian Hill. the U.S. District Court apparently feels that the City was in the right when they told Mr. Roos he had to remove the sign in 2007.

Roos painted the sign on a building in the Bohemian Hill neighborhood, which is sandwiched between Soulard and Lafayette Square, when the City threatened to take away buildings from property owners in the to make way for the semi-defunct Georgian Square mixed-use development.

Three years later, the only part of this project to see the light of day has been a Walgreens, but many in the area fear that talks of the larger project will again be revived when the economy starts to turn around. No word yet on whether Roos will appeal the decision.

[St. Louis Post Dispatch]

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