Gas or electric appliances?

When it comes to the real estate, you can never build to accommodate everyone’s tastes. But it never hurts to try. One issue that seems to be hard to get a true grasp on is people’s feelings towards electric and gas appliances and utilities. Stoves, furnaces, water heaters… that kind of thing. We get calls from people looking for all-electric units from time to time and it is always a question just how common this is.

On the pro-gas side, gas furnaces tend to be cheaper to run. While increases in natural gas costs and improved efficiencies for electric air handlers have narrowed the gap, gas furnaces are still cheaper to run. Gas ranges are also unparalleled for cooking. Unless we are taking about super expensive cook-tops, you never gas a more even and consistent burn than with gas.

On the electric side, depending on your school of thought, an electric air handler is more efficient than most gas furnaces. They tend to be a little more expensive to operate though. The big perk about going all electric in a house is that you don’t have to deal with the gas company. No gas bills, no gas inspection, no possibility of gas leaks… it can be nice.

So what do you think? Are you pro-gas, pro-electric, or do you simply not care? Feel free to elaborate.

When buying or renting a home do you prefer the gas or electric powered appliances?

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2 Responses to Gas or electric appliances?

  1. Derek May 24, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Regarding your poll-gas versus electric; While I prefer gas for both heating and cooking, the quality level of electric appliances and equipment has certainly improved significantly as you said. I prefer to look at the larger issues though. First, electricity can be generated using numerousmethods (coal, nuclear, sun, wind, etc.) making it less susceptible to market turbulence, whereas natural gas is its own thing and if something happens like a really cold winter, prices can skyrocket overnight with no alternatives. Second, if you can avoid another utility altogether, why not do it-we have to have electricity anyway. On the flip side, if you are maxing out your panels or are trying to minimize total energy usage, it may make sense to use natural gas or even propane, especially if one is trying to go off-grid buy supplementing with photovoltaics. My two cents.

  2. Matt Kastner May 26, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    For landlords, there is a real incentive for avoiding the gas. The thought of never having to deal with Laclede Gas is quite appealing. The big issue is electric stoves. I have never met one I didn’t hate. I am sure you can get nice one’s now, but the cost is quite a bit higher if you wasn’t to approach the quality of even a basic gas stove.

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