SPACE Architects new home in the Grove

After nearly a year of work, SPACE Architects has finally completed construction on their new 7500 square-foot facility at 4168 Manchester in the Grove Neighborhood of St. Louis. Acquired for $212,500 and with $700,000 in repairs, including brownfields and federal and state tax credits, this $912,500 project is a significant addition to the Manchester streetscape.

I was recently given a tour of the facility and it really did turn out great. They are still working out some interior details, and having seen their previous office in Maplewood I imagine they will be adding plenty of additional character over time, but the company has already moved into the space. The current product really is impressive.

Probably the most interesting thing about the building is it’s use of geothermal radiant heating and radiant cooling.  Radiant heat really isn’t that unique of a concept, but the technology that propels their radiant cooling is both energy efficient and cutting edge. There is a special humidity control system in place to handle all the condensation that would typically develop on the radiant coils. I took a few pictures of the system, which can be found in the gallery below. It’s really some pretty cool stuff (pun intended).

Hopefully more companies with follow SPACE’s lead and move to this burgeoning commercial sector along Manchester. The whole strip can’t be restaurants and bars. While we all wait for that to happen, you can find out more about SPACE Architects at their website:  You can also get a better idea of what SPACE has done with their offices from the pics below.

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