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Morganford Avenue, in the St. Louis neighborhood of Tower Grove South, has seen a lot of new business activity in recent years. The Tin Can, Stella Blues, Three Monkees, Grove Furnishings, and the Vintage Haberdashery come to mind. But as strong as the current business roster might be, things are about to get more interesting.

For the past couple years, the southeast corner of Morganford and Connecticut has been in a perpetual state of rehab. The process was finally stepped up to a full rehab project a few months back. I’ve been waiting for word on exactly what is going on with the corner, but all my sources have been mum on the matter. Passing through the area the other day, I saw a worker sitting in front of the building at 3182 Morganford eating lunch. I decided to stop and have a chat.

Thankfully the worker seemed pretty informed on the project. Apparently 3182 (located on the actual corner) will be a restaurant. Rumors have been circling for the past couple years that a catering business will also be involved at the the location, but the worker didn’t seem to have any knowledge about that. The long L-shaped building at 3186 Morganford (just south of the intersection) will be home to a collection of small boutiques. The worker spouted out so many different things in short order that I must admit that I forgot much of what he said. What did stick with me is that an ice cream shop and a day care will be among the businesses taking up spots.

He seemed pretty confident of his knowledge and hopefully it proves correct. If only the ice cream shop was Ted Drewes. Maybe they have finally decided to open a third location, but that’s probably wishful thinking. The best part of all was that he said that the project is on track for a June completion. If true, we could be seeing these new businesses in less than two months. Seeing as this is down the street from my rehab project on Connecticut, I certainly hope this is true. Once I get more details on the specific businesses going in, I’ll be back with an update. In the meantime, check out the pictures of the current state of the project.

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