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About a month ago I posted about a couple of microbreweries coming to the Benton Park Neighborhood of St. Louis in the coming months: Mattingly Brewing Company and the Stable. Info has been scarce on the Stable until I got a email from a reader a couple weeks back. Thanks to that contact, I had the opportunity to tour the facility this morning and chat with one of the owners. I’m happy to say that the project is coming along great and that they are on track for a June opening.

Walking up to the exterior of the building at the corner of Lemp and Cherokee, its hard to tell that construction is going on. The outside of the building has remained mostly untouched up until now. However, once you step through the plain green door on the 18XX block of Cherokee, you’re in a whole new world. What was once a stable has been transformed into quite an attractive bar/restaurant. Antiques taken from bygone brewing operations hang from the walls. The large bar at the far end of the facility was taken from a former establishment in Illinois. Everywhere you look, there are pieces of former bars from yesteryear. It really gives the place character and creates a true atmosphere.

In the northwest corner of the bar is a large glass room where the brewing operations are taking place. The southeast corner houses a similar room used for distilling. Both brewing and distilling are actually already underway at the facility and are being handled by Amalgamated Brewing. As I mentioned in my previous post, they “will brew a lager and distill absinthe, grappa, vodka, rum, gin and moonshine (a corn-based liquor) under the brand name Hytest.” Owner Paul Pointer, who toured me through the facility, said that long term plans could eventually lead to bottling and selling these products on and/or off site at some future point.

The surprising thing about the project is that the bar itself will not actually border Lemp at all. It will only front Cherokee for the time being. The section of the building facing Lemp will currently be used for storage and office space. However, Paul was quick to point out that the space is being considered for future expansion. The current plan seems to be to convert the southern portion of this area, which is located at the actual corner of Lemp and Cherokee, into a courtyard.

In this concept, the current glass block windows along Lemp would be removed and replaced with decrotive iron bars and the roof would be removed to open things up to the elements. Personally I think this option is a must at some point in the future. As it stands, the bar will only front to Cherokee, so it won’t draw much attention from Lemp. This courtyard would really help to increase the street exposure which could really help business in the long run.

I’m really excited about this project now. From my talk with Paul Pointer, he seems to be quite passionate about the project and he obviously knows the business (he currently owns the Lemp Mansion). They were actually doing interviews while I was there so I take that as a sign that they are pretty confident with how things are moving along. June can’t get here soon enough. I took quite a pictures while I was there, but something was wrong with my camera, so some of them didn’t turn out right. Check out the pics I managed to salvage below. They don’t do the place justice, but they help paint a picture.

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