Phase I of 2900 Indiana condos complete

The 12,422 square foot mixed-use property at 2900 Indiana has seen it’s share of ups and owns in recent years. Located at the corner of Indiana and Pestalozzi in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis, it was once tied to the now-infamous DHP Investments before it was finally wrestled away by Kanich Development in 2003. Construction of condos began soon after, but the struggling housing market brought the project to a halt. Construction progressed on and off until 2008, but has been largely idle until restarting again in October 2010. Now the first batch of condo units are hitting the market.

Crews are now wrapping up Phase I of construction. This first phase covers the western-wing of the complex, which contains two 3 bed, 2 bath condos, two 2 bed, 1 bath condos, and one 1 bed, 1 bath loft-style condo. The 3-bed units are now on the market for a listed price of $243,340 and the 2-beds are listed at $154,800. The loft-unit should be done by late March with the price still to be determined. That unit should be quite interesting as it retains remnants of some of the industrial machinery and doors that remained on the site. In addition to these units, the sidewalks, courtyard and gated rear parking areas are wrapping up construction as well

Phase II of the project will consist of four additional condos in the eastern-wing of the building. Construction at these units is also well underway, but they will not be finished until some of the Phase I units are sold. The developer is projecting that those units might be finished in the late summer 2011. Phase III will be the conversion of the single-family home at 2910 Indiana into two additional condo units. These units will be finished last, with an anticipated completion of  early 2012. When completed, the project will feature eleven condo units total.

For a look at the construction progress, both inside and outside of the project, check out the picture gallery below. For more information on purchasing one of these condo units, contact Laura Mueller at 314-280-8646 or check out the listing website.

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  1. Adam October 23, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    so happy to see that this place will be finished! i lived catty-corner from it across the intersection for a couple of years and it always made me sad to see such a beautiful corner building in such poor condition. that intersection is a little desolate looking so this will go a long way toward filling it out. a great addition to the neighborhood!

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