Local Harvest Grocery expands

One of the Morganford Business District’s anchor business, Local Harvest Grocery, has moved from their location at 3148 Morganford. But never fear, they only moved down the street to 3108 Morganford. The move took place last weekend via “bucket-brigade.” The new location is within sight of Arsenal, just behind A & M Bicycles.The new facility is more than three times the size of the original store, with a total of 2,295 square feet. The improved visibility along Arsenal should also help bring the store to the attention of more outsiders, rather than just those familiar with the Tower Grove South neighborhood. The hours have also been extended to 8am through 8 pm daily. It’s nice to see the Morganford strip continue to evolve and mature from its humble origins of a small cluster of bars.

Note that this move is for the Grocery Store only. The cafe at 3137 Morganford will remain in it’s current location. Check out Local Harvest’s website and Facebook page for more on what they are all about.

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