Mississippi River Bridge design

If you have been following this blog over the past few months, you know how important I believe the new Interstate 70 bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois in Downtown St. Louis is. As the region goes, so goes the City, and the future of Highway 70 is very important to us all. I have had my misgivings over the arrangements made in February, but on the whole I think the planned Mississippi River Bridge will be a huge step for the region. That being said, my main curiousity over the past few months has been what the bridge was going got look like. We have seen preliminary conceptual renderings in the past, but its the final product that concerns me. Well, it looks like I don’t have to wonder any longer. Rather unceremoniously, a video appeared on MODOT’s youtube site yesterday, showing a minute long panning view of the bridge.

Overall I am pretty happy with the design. Its not as glamorous as the billion dollar bridge proposed a few years back, but it looks pretty nice overall. This view seems to be a more detailed and polished version of what was being discussed in February when Missouri and Illinois officials struck a deal to build the bridge. For more on the bridge plan, check out my previous posts on the subject (Mississippi River Bridge a done deal and Real Mississippi River Bridge deal coming this week?) or watch the video below:

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