Connecting ONSL to the Riverfront

With construction of the new Mississippi River River Bridge along Interstate 70 progressing every day (2014 completion), increased attention is finally being paid to the northern side of Downtown St. Louis, as well as near-north neighborhoods such as Old North St. Louis (ONSL) and Hyde Park. Unfortunately, over the years, these areas have not only been cut off from easy access to many transportation corridors, but to recreational areas as well. While the new Mississippi River Bridge project will correct many of these problems, it will not fix the issues related to connecting these areas to the riverfront. But if the Great Rivers Greenway Project (GRG) has it’s way, the Mississippi River Bridge won’t be the only north-side bridge project in town.

Known as The Iron Horse Trestle, GRG has proposed remaking this currently-unused railroad bridge into a pedestrian/bike connection across Interstate-70. This would link the northern sections of Downtown and nearby neighborhoods, such as ONSL and Hyde Park, directly to the Riverfront Trail along the Mississippi. The group already purchased the bridge in 2005 and has been working towards making this vision into a reality ever since. The project has begun to get more attention as of late with the support of groups such as City to River and City Affair. While it’s a bit too soon to dig those bikes out of the corner of your garage, with continued support, this vision just might finally become a reality.

For more info, check out the Great Rivers Greenway Trestle website.

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