Connecticut rehab – Week 7

It’s been over a month since I last posted about my rehab project. Not because things haven’t been progressing, but because I haven’t had time to post. Between work and this project, I’ve had my hands full. Despite the fact that I have done most of this work before, I’ve already learned a lot of lessons along the way. Unfortuneatly, I have been a little lax in sharing them. Looks like I have about five weeks of work to go over.

I’d like to say that we are almost done (I was hoping to be done July 1st originally), but we definitely have a ways to go. At this point, here is what we have completed since my last update:

  1. The roof is finished. At least the shingled section. The flat part of the roof should be done on Monday. We ended up doing a partial tear-off roof because the roof over the dormer was in such bad shape. It looks great now though.
  2. All the windows, except the front two, have now been replaced. We ended up going with quality vinyl windows for the replacement. The front two windows have spherical tops and had to be special ordered. They should be installed within the next few weeks.
  3. All the tuckpointing is done. The now-exposed fireplaces as well as all the exterior work. The bricking-up of the former deck door upstairs has also been completed. Once we paint the brick on the rear of the building again, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the old and the new.
  4. All the large sections of damaged plaster have been repaired or patched with drywall. There is quite a bit of mud compound that still needs to be applied, but that should be completed soon.
  5. The reoriented hallway, new closets upstairs and the downstairs bathroom are now properly framed.
  6. The stump and brick patio that used to be in the back yard have been removed. We also ripped up the old brick sidewalk and laid a new one that spans the entire length of the yard. The yard has also been fully landscaped. If only we could get a good stand of grass to grow.
  7. Lots of odd jobs have also been completed. Things such as repairing the basement door and ripping out the old bathroom and kitchen fixtures among them.

That, pretty much, covers what has been going on over the last month. Currently, I have the plumber, electrician, HVAC guy and alarm company all getting in a bit of work while they have access. Over the next two weekends we will finish firring out all the walls in preparation for drywall, finish patching the damaged plaster, repaint the back side of the house and repair the deck. Then, during the week of the 23rd of June will come the drywall. We are actually subcontracting that work out, so it should be done by the weekend on the 28th.

Following the drywall work will be the refinishing of the hardwood floors and the installation of the tile floors during the week of the 30th and 7th. So if everything goes to plan, we will have all the walls and floors finished by the weekend of July 12th. That will just leave paint, trim work and final work in the kitchen and baths. There are other odd jobs to do, such as replacing the existing wood fence in the rear, but nothing else major. We think we will be done by August 1st.

As it stands, everything is within budget and looks good despite the fact that things are taking a little longer than hoped. We are also more confident than ever of our abiltiy to sell the building once we are done. A much smaller building three doors down went under contract for $119,900 after only three days on the market this past week. We’re quite confidant of the superiority of our product and really think our price point of $129,900 is going to be very reasonable. We’ll see in six weeks.

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  1. Gary Bufalo June 14, 2008 at 12:58 am #

    AWESOME! Looks like fun, but lots of work! Can’t believe the improvements you’ve made!

  2. Brian S. June 16, 2008 at 12:05 pm #

    Looking good!

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