Upgrade to programmable thermostats to save on utilities

You’re standing in the middle of the hardware store debating whether there is any reason to spend the extra $10 on that fancy thermostat. You know, the one that can be programmed to adjust the temperature depending on the time and day. Like many property owners, you decide to go on the cheap. Big mistake. Not only are programmable thermostats better of the environment, they are also better for your pocketbook.

According to EnergyStar, the average heating and cooling billing bill is about $1,100 a year. That is using a standard thermostat. But with a programmable thermostat, properly configured, you could save roughly $180 a year (16%) on your energy bill. So by spending $10 to $20 more on a thermostat, you can save $180 a year? You do the math.

Whether you are buying a thermostat for your own home, a rehab project or apartment, there is simply no reason not to upgrade. The upgrade pays for itself nearly in full after the first month of use. Even if you don’t plan on living in the building in question yourself, if you own an apartment building you own the heating and cooling units. The less stress put on them, the longer they will last. And tenants are happy to save money on their utility bills, which makes for less vacancies.

For more information, check out EnergyStar’s programable thermostat website.

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