Expand the St. Louis Metrolink System again?

While we wait for the Cross County Metrolink line and in the midst of discussions on cutting back Metro services, area transportation managers are busy planning future MetroLink expansions.

Area leaders feel that this public transit service needs to expand into North & South City, in order to provide transportation alternatives to a broader area.. The East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Metro and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) have been studying such a possibility for almost a year.

The study is analyzing the potential costs and available routes, as well as the positive and negative effects of this proposed expansion. The year and a half long study is scheduled to be completed in early 2007 and is being funded by Tax Credits from MODOT.
One area of particular interest in this study is the incorporation of transit-oriented developments. These developments would revolve around individual MetroLink stops and focus on “walkable” mixed-use developments, without the necessity of using a car. This type of development has grown increasing popular with City Administrators in recent years. A local example would be the development around the Amtrak Station in downtown Kirkwood.

The proposed routes for this expansion project, along with other information ,can be found at


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