Commercial district forms in Tower Grove South. Or should I call it “Skinnytown?”

*NOTE – This article was originally written in October of 2006 for the newsletter.

The Tower Grove South neighborhood is an area in transition. Two years ago, a drive down Morganford Road between Arsenal & Chippewa, would take you through a corridor of boarded-up and run-down buildings. That same trip, today, will take you through an area of rehab projects and startup businesses.

These changes have happened, seemingly overnight, due in a large part to the influx of residential development projects in the area. Increasing population and housing values began to draw the attention of developers and business owners to the need for neighborhood business activity.

Enter the Tin Can Tavern & Grille at 3157 Morganford Road. The owners opened the bar’s doors in early 2005, with an adventurous spirit. Their gamble has paid off with better than anticipated business. This success has provided a new energy to the area, leading to a rash of new developments and businesses.

With the Vintage Haberdashery, Grove Furnishings and Stella Blues Bar recently setting up shop, the future looks bright. According to St. Louis mayor, Francis Slay, the area will also see an art gallery, day spa and another new restaurant in the near future.

There has been enough new business activity in recent years, that another positive movement has begun: the search for a nickname. Thus far, my favorite choice is “Skinnytown.” It really stands out to me. Time will tell if that sticks.

For investors, this movement offers a variety of investment opportunities. Whether you are looking for a location for your new business, for rental properties or rehab opportunities, the Tower Grove South neighborhood should be on your radar.

*UPDATE – In addition to the businesses listed above a new grocery store has popped up in the district along with a new restaurant called the Three Monkeys. There are a few other projects under construction, but their end-use has still not been revealed. Check back for updates.


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