Lemp Brewery misinformation

I know I focus a lot on local matters on this site, but I also like to keep up on national and regional real estate investment news as well. Whether I find info via magazines or online, I always think its a good idea. Seeing as most of this news is beyond my ability to verify, I usually take these stories at face value. Maybe I should rethink that policy.

Check out this article from the June issue of Multifamily Executive entitled A New Brew. Its about St. Louis’ own Lemp Brewery in Benton Park. WHile its great to see the property in the national media, the artilceis less than accurate in terms of details. THe article acts as if the redevelopment of the old brewery had already started. I don’t knwo who they have been talking to, but maybe they should verify their sources. Makes you wonder how many other articles out their are balogna.

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