The Light Project

I was out in the Central West End last night for a friend’s birthday and decided to take the back route home instead of taking the interstate. I guess that was a good decision. I never expected my little detour down Washington Boulevard to take me across this awesome sight.

This church-turned-artwork on North Spring was a total surprise for me. The picture above was taken from my digital camera, which unfortunately doesn’t do well in dark settings. If you can’t tell from the picture, this is an old church with brightly lit lamp shades in place of what would normally be a roof. There were quite a few people out an about taking pictures of the church at the time.

I noticed a couple other brightly lit sights when I left the Grand Center area and went home wondering what was going on. Apparently this church is just a piece of a larger event called The Light Project. Brought about through the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, four light-based works of art are on display for the next six weeks in the Grand Center area. Its too bad that they won’t be permanent, but its defiantly worth taking a look. We need more stuff like this in this town. Check out the project’s website for pictures and more information.

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