Infill housing from old cargo containers

Pretty cool looking place isn’t it? Modern without being too “in your face.” Would you believe that this home was made out of two old forty foot cargo containers? A company called Logical Homes has been working on the concept for a while and is about to unveil this design in a new line of prefab homes sometime in 2008.

The picture above was taken from the show floor of the 2008 CES in January, and is apparently the first completed prototype. Price and specifics are not yet available, but I find concepts like this intriguing. I like the design as-is, but I just wonder if you could orient the flat face to the street and have the open end facing backwards. Or if you can stack these to create multi-family properties. If these are real possibilities, these prefab units might be feasible to build somewhere in St. Louis. Unless they are too expensive. I’ll keep you posted on details.

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  1. Anonymous January 27, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    Cool looking house – way modern and minimal. Looks like it could actually be affordable, there are no frilly moldings and decorative things hanging of it. that also means it might be easy to maintain and inexpensive to keep in the long run. where are the containers, because they usually look like rusty cans and this looks really clean. The city of St. Louis should hire this Logical Home company and get “logical” about the housing problem! great post!

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