3600 S. Jefferson to be torn down by Concordia Publishing?

The recession of 2008 was certainly not kind to many areas of South St. Louis. Neighborhoods like Marine Villa and Gravois Park certainly have had their growing pains following the slide. But one of the best things they have going for them are the iconic old buildings that still stand tall throughout the area. Buildings like the 3-story mixed-use property at 3600 S Jefferson Ave. , which is on the border of both neighborhoods at the intersection of Miami Street.

While the building has suffered from a number of failed attempts to be renovated through the years, it is still an eye-catcher and seems salvageable. Unfortunately, neighboring business-anchor, Concordia Publishing, seems intent on tearing the building down to create a new green space for it’s employees. The need for such space is debatable, but the fact is that the company has a hearing with the Preservation Board on Monday, January 23rd, to seek approval for demolition. Hopefully this historic structure can still be saved, but we will know more this week.

For more on the current situation, check out this article regarding Concordia’s hearing. For a better look at the building’s exterior, take a look at the picture gallery below.

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