Ugly roadside trashcans

There are just so many little things that I come across in the City that bug me. Individually these things aren’t major issues, but when they start adding up, their impact can really be felt.

One of those “little things” that always gets on my nerves is the trashcans found at the on and off ramps of the interstates in the City. Every time I am sitting at a stoplight getting on or off the highways I see these monstrosities and can’t help but be disgusted. Many times they are overflowing with trash laying all over the ground, but thats not my biggest problem with them.

My issue with these trashcans is their design. Just look at this thing. I don’t think you could build a more unsightly, utilitarian refuse container if you tried. What ever happened to beautification? I’m not asking for a $10,000 trashcan; just something that doesn’t look like it was put together by a local boyscout troop from donated materials.

When County residents or out-of-towners pay a visit to St. Louis, this is the welcome mat they see. It leaves a bad first impression. If we want to bring residents back to the City to fill our apartments or buy our rehabs, things like this have to be addressed. City officials are always looking for big high-dollar projects to transform the landscape. If only they would put as much emphasis on the small, affordable touches. We might might get more bang for our buck.

If anyone knows who to contact to comlain about this issue I would love to hear from you.

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