Burkart’s Woodworks

If you have ever done any rehab work in a historic building, you know how hard it is to find wood that matches the existing trim work in your project. Even if you are starting from scratch with all new trim, if you want to go with anything other than modern bare-bones stuff, you’re not going to be happy with the selection or pricing at the big-box stores. I know I never have been. That’s where a custom miller like Burkart’s can come in handy.

I have heard a lot of people around town mention this place and I have even used some of their products before. I hadn’t, however, ever visited there shop until today. I have some custom millwork I need done for a curved doorway in my new office so I stopped by with he specs. I knew they did a lot of custom jobs like this, but I was surprised by the amount of in-stock items they had. Its seems like they have matched almost every trim style traditional to St. Louis and have it in stock. The prices were even reasonable.  They have some of their stuff on their website if you’d like to check it out.

I got a quote and some advice on my project while I was there this afternoon. Its not going to be cheap, but I’ll hopefully have everything lined up in a few weeks to go ahead with it. I’ll share more thoughts on my expereince then. If you want to check thewm out for yourselves, Burkart’s just relocated their sales office to 2500 Ohio, in the Fox Park neighborhood. They are in the lower level of the Koken Art Factory building.

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