Art House development has it right

A while back I posted details on a local project, which I thought had a somewhat inspired design. While I still like what they are doing over there, I must say that another developer, Sage, has managed to wholly capture my intention. They’ve done some good things in the past, but the plans for their next project are out of this world.

Details are scarce at this point, but current plans call for 7 contemporary townhomes to be built at 3732 Grandel Square, in Grand Center just to the north of St. Louis University. The project is being labeled Art House. You can see the elevation mockup above, but more details are available on their website.

This is the kind of development we need to be seeing more of. I’m also thrilled to see an infill project in the often overlooked location of near-North City. I think there is a lot of potnential for these kinds of projects in areas like these and its nice to see a developer with the vision to be a trend-setter rather than follow the “safe” road.

The good thing is that these guys aren’t new to the development world, so this project has a real chance of seeing the light of day. Among others, I’ve been really impressed with Sage’s green townhome project in Tower Grove South and I hope this project follows in that development’s path in terms of quality. For those unfamiliar with that project, the company is a little over half way done with 4 green townhomes at the intersection of Gustine & McDonald just south of Tower Grove Park. This is another on of those infill projects that really have their own look and style rather than trying to unfaithfully mimic existing housing. It looks like Sage is taking that concept to the next level with Art House. Let’s hope this one’s not just another architects pipe dream.

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  1. Ted Wight February 17, 2008 at 4:57 pm #

    Art House is a very exciting project. I am thrilled to see this area get developed with true contempory low-rise architecture.Grand Center is going to be developing the area across from Art House as an art park.

  2. Jason Stone April 21, 2008 at 6:18 pm #

    Matt —

    Thanks for the high praise. I wanted to drop you a note to encourage you (assuming you haven’t already) to sign up for Sage’s newsletter at

    Somewhere between reading our monthly email and popping by the blog ( you’ll get teased on the next project (yes, there’s another exciting one on it’s way)….


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