Concrete countertops

We all know granite and laminate and Formica and Corian, but I bet you never think of concrete when it comes to countertops. There was a time when granite was considered top-of-the-line and trendy. Nowadays its everywhere. Its not a waste of money to install in your kitchens, but it doesn’t make them stand out anymore.

With concrete, on the other hand, you’ve got something pretty unique. It is a relatively uncommon material for countertops and prospective buyers and tenants take notice of its standout style. Its also resilient and versatile. Its hard to knick and if properly sealed doesn’t stain. If dyes or acid stains are used, a limitless supply of colors and looks are available as well. Its an affordable way to make your project your own.

If you hire someone else for the job, prices can run anywhere from $65 to $135 a square foot for 1.5″ thick concrete countertops. A few weeks ago, I went to the studio of CK Designs, a local firm that specializes in the craft, to see some of the finished product. They had some great designs and seemed pretty affordable. Somewhere around the cost of granite with a turnaround of about two weeks after you order.

You can also try to tackle the job yourself. I have seen a few programs on tv and have looked up details on a few webpages, but I still haven’t tried this myself. But if you’re going for something basic, and enjoy experimenting, its probably worth a try. You don’t stand to lose much if you fail. The materials are pretty cheap.

There are tons of books and webpages out there discussing how to tackle this task. One website I found that is particularly informative is the Concrete Network. Probably worth a look. As for books, Amazon is loaded with them. You probably can’t go wrong with most any of them, but here is a book that is particularly well reviewed. If you do your research and prepare yourself for a few failed attempts, you’ll probably get the hang of it.

Just as with the barnyard-style sliding door I spotlighted last week, this product isn’t a fit for every project. But if you’re looking to add some personalized style to your project to make it stand out, this one might be worth a look. If you give a try, let me know how it turns out.

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