Hideous roadside landscaping

Not to be too repetitive in my rants (see Ugly roadside trashcans), but the landscaping around the interstate highways in St. Louis City is just god awful. Whether you’re on Interstate 44, 55, 70 or 64-40, there is so much missed potential. For example, the picture above shows the state of Highway 44 between Jefferson and Grand. Those aren’t planted trees and shrubs, they are overgrow weeds and brush. And you don’t want to see what the fence looks like. This is the heart of our urban area here; can’t we do more?

Obviously, the roadsides can’t be a lush garden from one end of the metro area to another. Grass with an occasional tree or flower bed is and should remain the norm. Costs would just be too prohibitive to do too much more. We should also address the fencing that borders the highway system. Bent, buckled and rusted chain-link fencing overgrown with weeds doesn’t really give people a sense of pride in the area. It just seems like there is no effort to beautify the area. Just maintain the inadequate current infrastructure.

With clever planning and a slightly increased budget, eyesores link the highway stretch displayed above could become assets. If the goals were modest and improvements were gradually made over a 10-year period, I see no reason why things couldn’t realistically be improved. Is anyone aware of any current efforts on this front?

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  1. Hot Lasagna March 6, 2008 at 2:47 am #

    You know I have always thought this. Cities like St. Louis, Detroit, Clev (notice the Midwest theme) lack in this area. Why? Well I always thought one reason was because non one really wants to see or take care of the large amount of trash that is tossed, carried or blown around the highway areas. But I agree these areas need a little more excitement to them, because driving them can be soooo boring.

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