Fancy radiators

Forced-air heat systems are really becoming the norm of our current era in this country. While they are not as efficient as some other forms of heat, the fact that a building can be cooled through the same ductwork system is very appealing. However, there are times when a forced-air furnace is not an option. In those cases, your best bet is usually to stick with radiator heating. Bulky, ugly radiators.

Thankfully you do have options. While radiators have been going the way of the dodo in the U.S, they have remained a popular choice in many places in Europe. With this demand, industrious European companies have created a plethora of unique radiator options. I was shocked at the variety of styles and sizes available. You can literally find something for any situation.

Unfortunately, locating these radiators in the U.S. can be a little more challenging. So far, I haven’t found any local dealers that carry the product. Of course, I haven’t done a ton of research on this yet either. I have come across a couple of interesting web dealers though:

Runtal Radiators (United States)

Personally, I am rather partial to the designs and variety offered by Bisque. Even though they are a British company, their website says they will ship internationally. Orders would probably be easier through Runtal though. They designs are a little less inspired, but they easily beat standard style radiators in the aesthetics department.

There are probably tons of other similar companies out there as well. If these radiators look like a good option for you, a little research would probably turn something up. If you do find any other dealers, please share in the comments section.


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