Panhandling in St. Louis City to be restricted

You are correct, man-with-sign, but not for long. At least in some situations. It looks like action is about to be taken to curb aggressive panhandling in the City of St. Louis. All I can say is that its about time. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, City Alderman just passed the bill addressing this issue, which has been kicked around the past few months. As the Post puts it:

“Under the proposal, panhandling would be allowed only during daylight hours. It would be banned at all hours at bus or MetroLink stops, around ATMs or an entrance to a bank, within 30 feet of a public doorway or at any sidewalk cafe, school or crosswalk.” Sounds like a good start.

The only thing left to do is get Mayor Slay’s signature on the bill. Seeing as he has already said that he would sign it on his blog, I think its safe to say that its a done deal.

You can read the whole article hear: article

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