Koronaz in Benton Park

I’ve been closely following a rehab project, being developed by Phoenix Redevelopment Group, in the Benton Park neighborhood of South St. Louis over the past few months. I always thought this building at 2730 McNair (at the corner of Lynch and McNair) had a lot of potential and was glad to see someone was taking it on. Now I find out that it’s not only under construction, it seems that they have a commercial tenant lined too: Koronaz.

What’s Koronaz you ask? Apparently it is going to be a bar/restaurant. Not that the area is lacking in such establishments, what with so many places already open in Benton Park and nearby Soulard, but its always good to see another join the fray.

I didn’t find out about this until yesterday, but the Benton Park Neighborhood Association actually held a special meeting on September 14th to discuss the proposed venue. No word yet on how the meeting went (I have emailed the Association president to find out), but the neighborhood has always welcomed such establishments. I doubt they will have any trouble getting their liqueur license.

If you’re curious about the restaurant, I managed to track down the basic floor plans from the Benton Park website as well as the  menu. Looks like pretty typical fare, but that could change. I’ll be following up on this one as soon as I get word from Benton Park neighborhood representatives. In the meantime, you can see pictures of how the project is coming along below.

*UPDATE – There’s some terrible news on this. A commenter (see below) informed me that the Neighborhood Association didn’t approve their proposal. They wanted the Friday and Saturday hours to be restricted to 10pm. Knowing they couldn’t compete with other nearby establishments under those restrictions, Koronaz walked away. If anyone reading this was part of the group fighting this, I have a personal message to send out:

Shame on YOU! Someone wants to invest their hard earned money and labor in your neighborhood, during a downturn in the economy, and you tell them to buzz off. I live about four blocks away from this location and I know full well what the area is like. I just don’t see how you could think this would be a bad addition. There are still a lot of rough buildings in this part of the neighborhood. I’m glad to see that you support “progress”.


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  1. Scott McIntosh October 14, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    Two weeks ago I was walked by this building and happened to meet the developer. Sadly, the Neighborhood Association didn’t approve of the restaurants request. They wanted the restaurant to close by 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to compete for business, the restaurant backed out of its deal with Phoenix Development.

    It a shame the neighborhood wouldn’t support this restaurant. What was once a blighted building is now a beautiful rehab. Without a tenant soon, it may be threatened by vandals.


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