Colored kitchen cabinets

colored kitchen cabinetsThe most versatile, and probably most important, room in any property is the kitchen. A good kitchen can really make a lasting impression. So can a bad one. Thats why I constantly find myself disappointed by all the uninspired kitchen layouts and styles I see in buildings around town. I’ve seen more Lowes and Home Depot stock-kitchens in my life than I ever could have imagined. And don’t even get me started on some of the hodge-podge kitchens I’ve seen come out of the warehouses of the nearest Hoods.

There’s not anything wrong with these setups, its just that they have been overdone. Even a clean well put together version feels rather “been there done that.” If you find yourself tired of this repetition and are looking to do something different, there might be another option. So many of the homes and apartments we rehab have existing cabinets that are structurally fine, but cosmetically have taken a beating. If you find yourself in such a situation I have one word for you: paint.

I’ve seen the results of repainting both wood and metal cabinets, and I must say that I have seen some impressive results. I’m not talking about throwing a sloppy coat of white paint on old cabinets; I’m talking about doing a quality job using a color with some style. I’ve seen green, I’ve seen red, I’ve seen blue. And I loved each and every one of them.

Take a look at the picture in this post. These aren’t actually repainted old cabinets, but they will help you to visualize what I am talking about. These red cabinets really catch the eye. I saw something similar in a building a couple of months ago, and the effect of the red cabinets contrasting with the gray wall was really impressive. I used a “green cabinet-blue wall” color scheme in an apartment last summer and was really happy with the results too. The blue cabinets with chrome trim I saw at a trade show last summer have also stuck out in my mind. These things really have some style.

Just like the concrete counter tops I posted about a few weeks ago, this setup wouldn’t work for every property. But if your trying to go for something trendy this might be worth a look. You can not only paint old cabinets, but most vendors sell lines of new colored cabinets as well. Pair a set of these cabinets along with a concrete countertop and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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