Improving Benton Park

benton parkAlthough the Neighborhood of Benton Park has continually improved in recent years, the park of the same name has long sat idle. Its ugly, its not user friendly, and its just not nice. I’ve lived in the Benton Park Neighborhood for about a year now (just a block from the park) and every time I pass by the park, it always strikes me as such a wasted opportunity. Even though the neighborhood still has a ways to go, there is a lot of great energy and I just haven’t been able to understand why nothing has been done with it..

My curiosity over the status of the park drew me to contacting the Benton Park Neighborhood Association for answers. My efforts were not in vain. It turns out that work has been underway for about a year to improve the park. Apparently I missed out on a neighborhood meeting in early March where this matter was discussed in detail. Thankfully Cipriano Medina, president of the Neighborhood Association, sent me some info on the situation.

The picture at the top of this post is an example of one of the improvements organizers are proposing. The picture to the right is another proposed design. As you can see, the current goals don’t seem overly ambitious, making them feasibly affordable. I don’t have much in the way of details at this point, other than these few mockups and pictures. However, the next neighborhood meeting is on April 1st (check out Benton Park’s website for more details) and I intend on finding out more on the situation then. I’ll be sure to post whatever I find. In the meantime, click on the pictures for a clearer view of these mockups and check out the links below to look at PDF plans of some of these conceptual proposals.

Benton Park Fountain Proposal
Benton Park Proposal


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