Habitat Restore

Whether you’re looking for a hard to find used item or are just on a budget, there is a great option out there you may not know about. Habitat For Humanity operates a building material supply store at 3763 Forest Park Avenue, which is a great source. They have a suprising selection of merchandise, which consists of both second hand and donated materials.

I was really struggling to find a replacement rear door when I was working on my recent rehab. THe door needed to be unusally thick and an odd size. I also wanted it to have a glass opening in it to open up the room. My door guy was quoting me over $600 for something that wasn’t even all that nice. I ended up finding a great wood door that was exactly what I wanted I Restore. Best of all, it was only $25 for the door. I had to buy a $40 piece of glass to finish it off, but you can’t beat that deal.

If you are looking for unique items or just running a bit thin in the money department this place is worth a look. They also accept donations so if you have materials you salvaged from a project and don’t know what to do with them, you might as well build a little good karma and donate. Its a nice give and take. For more information on ReStore, check out their website.

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