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Gas or electric appliances?

When it comes to the real estate, you can never build to accommodate everyone’s tastes. But it never hurts to try. One issue that seems to be hard to get a true grasp on is people’s feelings towards electric and gas appliances and utilities. Stoves, furnaces, water heaters… that kind of thing. We get calls […] More»


Bigger closets or bigger bedrooms?

When it comes to building layouts, it seems that everyone has a different opinion. Do you prefer a larger kitchen at the cost of square footage in your living room? If you are a foodie, the kitchen is probably the priority. For a home theater buff, the living room.  There is no single right answer. […] More»


Morganford, MoFo or Skinnytown?

So many of St. Louis’ neighborhoods and business districts have nicknames. Whether being officially recognized or just used as slang, just about any place that draws people has a name. One possible exception would be the Morganford Business District in Tower Grove South, whose main body lies south of Arsenal and north of Utah. Some just call […] More»

Asbestos Tape

Ever heard of required asbestos inspections?

As detailed in the article Asbestos inspection in St. Louis City, virtually rehab or demolition project in the City of St. Louis technically needs to be inspected by a certified asbestos remediator before the project gets started. Though the laws requiring these inspections have been on the books for a number of years, it seems […] More»


Historic or contemporary home design?

When it comes to city living, housing types can vary greatly. On one end of the spectrum, you have historic homes. Properties that have either been carefully maintain or painstakingly refurbished. These red-brick or stone structures are often a window into the past and feature materials and design techniques nearly lost today. On the other […] More»


First floor or second floor apartment?

When renting apartments and selling multi-families, I have never really been able to figure out which people prefer: a first or second floor apartment. On one hand, the first floor apartment is usually easier to move furniture into and doesn’t require you to climb a flight of steps every time you come home. On the […] More»

2306 Cherokee-18

Ceiling fans, love them or hate them?

I had a little debate with a client yesterday about ceiling fans (Don’t I lead a glamorous life?), and it has me wondering what most people think of them. When buying a house or renting an apartment, what are your feelings towards ceiling fans? Are they a perk or an eyesore? I have always been […] More»