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Threshold storefront progress

It’s been nearly a year since I moved my company, Threshold Investment Properties, into my current building at 2654 Gravois and I haven’t stopped working on it for one minute. The building has quite a ways to go before its done, but the office itself is nearing completion. The best example of this transformation is […] More»

Threshold has a home

Following a couple of delays, and still with a few strings attached, the purchase of my new home and office was finally closed today. I was reluctant to post much about it until I closed, but now its open season. This image is a picture of the front facade of the building. Many of the […] More»

Threshold Investment Properties

Threshold Investment Properties

Whenever I become irregular in my posting schedule, I always feel like I owe you readers an explanation. What with my ongoing rehab project on Connecticut and a rather frantic amount of real estate transactions to handle, I have had a hard time keeping up with everything, but that is no secret. What is a […] More»