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Washington Street

Where St. Louis night owls flock?

They just don’t make warehouses like they used to. Once draped in garments, this famous St. Louis street made the Chicago-style of architecture completely its own when it reinvented itself starting in the 1990s. Many of the early real estate developers’ lofty goals have come to pass. Can you name this street where fashionable garments […] More»


Where is this building that delivers historical beauty?

Inspired by mid-18th Century Parisian architecture, this historical gem of a building experienced an early 21st century re-birth. Also marked by a post-great Chicago fire of 1871 paranoia, the structure is framed entirely in cast iron down to the doorjambs and window frames. Its decorative details and forward thinking use of light alone merit a visit. […] More»


Where can you find mixed media & mixed drinks?

This longstanding, fantastical city spot shares its name with a famous city built on water and is famous for its ‘oceans’ of mosaic art. A walk through this joint always reveals some new feast for the eye, and its patio rates high on any summer lover’s bar list. If only artifacts and mosaic art could […] More»

Where in the Lou - Not your average church

Where can you hear more than just church music?

Wander into this church on a Sunday morning and they just may ask you to come back for the matinee or on a Friday or Saturday night. With a stage literally built for worship, this one of a kind theatre graces one of our city’s many interesting south side neighborhoods. From concerts to family musicals, […] More»

Where in the Lou - Scenic riverfront

Where can you “Bank On This River”?

They tell us not to mess with Mother Nature, but part of this river was hidden by wooden channels for the 1904 Worlds Fair & later buried.  Water is now artificially flowing through Forest Park in its stead.  It’s a small city river, our French forefathers granted its name, and we rely on it during stormy weather.   […] More»

Where In The Lou?

Where can you “Fly High” in St. Louis?

Before you go for the easy answer here, we are not talking about the famous Arch grounds, aka our beloved Gateway to the West.  This week’s ‘Where In The Lou?’ finds us at a specific traditional summer event   With eyes up and jaws open, we annually marvel and the best view happens to be from the top of the aforementioned Arch. More»