St. Louis Microbreweries: Civil Life Brewing

Originally started in late-summer 2010, Civil Life Brewing Co. is now officially open for business after about a year of construction. Located in the South St. Louis neighborhood of Tower Grove South, the brewery is owned and operated by the former owner of 33 Wine Shop and Tasting Bar in Lafayette Square, Jake Hafner. The company is currently […] More»

Where in the Lou - Scenic riverfront

Where can you “Bank On This River”?

They tell us not to mess with Mother Nature, but part of this river was hidden by wooden channels for the 1904 Worlds Fair & later buried.  Water is now artificially flowing through Forest Park in its stead.  It’s a small city river, our French forefathers granted its name, and we rely on it during stormy weather.   […] More»

The Georgian - City Hospital

Climbing wall, gym and two restaurants coming to the Georgian

While much of the construction at the Georgian (formerly City Hospital) has been complete for years, the project has been slowly growing since it began in the mid-2000’s. Nestled between the Lafayette Square and Soulard neighborhoods, the complex is very visible and has huge potential. Despite this, while most of the 104 condos at the site are now complete, (A number of  condos are […] More»

Where In The Lou?

Where can you “Fly High” in St. Louis?

Before you go for the easy answer here, we are not talking about the famous Arch grounds, aka our beloved Gateway to the West.  This week’s ‘Where In The Lou?’ finds us at a specific traditional summer event   With eyes up and jaws open, we annually marvel and the best view happens to be from the top of the aforementioned Arch. More»

Unfinished renovation at 1836 Gravois in Benton Park

The Scrap Heap: 1836 Gravois

The St. Louis neighborhoods of Benton Park and Soulard are what most would consider a success story. Both have come a long way in the last 10 years, to become two of the area’s premier neighborhoods. Which is why the rotting husk of a building  at 1836 Gravois Avenue stands out so much. Tucked away […] More»

Northside Regeneration project progresses with land sale

Despite the continued legal appeals over losing out on $390 million in tax increment financing (TIF) money for infrastructure improvements, St. Louis mega-developer Paul McKee is pressing forward on his ambitious Northside Regeneration Project. Just this morning, City officials quickly approved McKee’s offer to purchase 1,233 city-owned parcels and option on the neglected Pruitt-Igoe for roughly […] More»

St. Dominc Priory Complete

St. Dominic Priory complete in the Gate District

The renovation of the former Loretto Academy at 3407 Lafayette Avenue in the St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood of The Gate District is finally wrapping up. Formally used as a school among many other uses, the building has been converted to housing for the local Dominican Friars, who have not have a local home of their own since […] More»

SLU Law School to move to Downtown St. Louis

While St. Louis University continues to expand further north and south across the Midtown area of St. Louis, it seems that are also setting their sights on invading Downtown as well. Come August 2012, SLU Law School will be moving it’s 1,100 students, as well as associated faculty and staff, to 100 Tucker Boulevard. Donated […] More»

Rebuilding the Council Tower brick sculpture

Just north of Interstate-64 in the Midtown neighborhood of St. Louis, sits the Council Tower Apartments. You probably don’t know the name, but if you frequently drive through the area you have most likely seen the building with the half-destroyed, brick mural on eastern side of the structure. The last piece in a $40 million historic […] More»

4100 block of DeTonty to see more new development

No street in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis has the deck stacked against it quite like DeTonty. While some areas in the neighborhood need more work than others, none has to address the challenge of facing a highway. Unfortunately, DeTonty runs along the southern end of Interstate-44 for it’s entire length. Existing properties have largely […] More»