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1 Million Foreclosures Delayed Until 2012?

I’d love to stick my head in the sand on this, but the reality is that the negatives of this move can’t be ignored. Rather than pulling off the band-aid quickly, delaying foreclosures is just prolonging the pain. Looking more and more like the last three years are going to be the new “normal” for […] More»

HUD policies pushing out investors?

Following the blueprint set by Fannie Mae in late 2009, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) appears to be further stacking the deck against real estate investors. While in the process of restructuring the way they sell their foreclosed property inventory, HUD has taken the opportunity to shift the bidding advantage […] More»

Bank of America restarts foreclosures

After a roughly two-month hiatus, Bank of America is restarting foreclosure proceedings on 16,000 homes across the United States. Wells Fargo also appears to be revving things up on the foreclosure front again as well. Foreclosure inventories have taken a noticeable dive in recent months so hopefully this move will provide some quality real estate products as […] More»

Banks halting foreclosures

It looks like the controversy over improper foreclosure processing is spreading. After initially halting foreclosures in 23 states, Bank of America has announced it was halting foreclosure in all 50 states as of today. Under pressure from federal officials, Bank of America, JP Morgan, PNC Financial, and GMAC Mortgage have all at least cut back […] More»


Eighteen Investments in trouble?

Rumors have been circulating lately that real estate developer Eighteen Investments, and their real estate brokerage arm Bellington Realty, have hit hard times. They had been short selling a few buildings, including one I have reported on at 3155 Gustine, but nobody really seemed to know how deep the problem went. Until the St. Louis […] More»


Foreclosures benefiting City neighborhoods

With foreclosures still near record highs for the St. Louis area, there is still a lot of doubt in our housing market. Sure residential properties are selling better than they were, but all these REOs will continue to hold values down. That might sound horrible, but this is good for the area in many ways. […] More»

Short sale overload

I always get a kick out of the fact that everybody and their brother is talking about short sales these days. I don’t doubt that you can find some great deals out there via the short-sale route, but these deals generally turn out to be a waste of time. Consider these issues: Most sellers and/or […] More»

Foreclosures 101: Dates and timetables

When buying a foreclosure, like all other properties, you need to set a closing date on the contract. When setting this timetable you need to consider what kind of affect the proposed dates will have on your offer. As with any point in a contract, if you put the closing out too far you could hurt […] More»