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Preventing roof leaks due to ice buildup

Fighting roof leaks on a flat roof can be a struggle. Even with the highest quality roof  you are constantly in a battle against gravity.  It’s not a question of if, but when gravity will win and water will find a way inside. Whenever a flat roof is hit by freezing rain, sleet, or a significant amount snow,  the […] More»


Making your apartment showings matter

You’ve been trying to lease that apartment for weeks and you finally have an appointment for a showing. The prospective tenant shows up and says how much they love the apartment. Flash forward a few weeks later and the apartment still hasn’t been rented and you are still losing money. What went wrong? Was the unit not right […] More»

Apartment Pet Policy

So you’re a landlord who has decided to allow pets into your apartment. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should simply allow any pet to stay at your property. To ensure the safety of tenants, other pets in the building and your property, you should always run a background check on a pet, just like you […] More»

Proper lighting is key to securing properties

Keeping your properties safe and secure is one of the most important responsibilities of a property owner. Failure to maintain proper security can lead to expensive vandalism and property theft or even leave occupants open to potential violence. One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways  to ensure proper security is to have proper security […] More»


Securing AC condensers from thieves

Nothing hurts a landlord’s pocketbook or pride like being the victim of theft or vandalism. Prior to PEX plumbing the main security issue facing landlords and homeowners in St. Louis and around the country is copper theft, but there are many other temping targets at any property. One particularly expensive and “easy to steal” component […] More»

Clean out those furnace filters monthly

One of the biggest maintenance issues landlords and homeowners face at their properties is with their heating and cooling systems. With the extreme heat of St. Louis summers and extreme cold of St. Louis winters, our environment can certainly put a strain on these systems. Annual maintenance by your HVAC technician is always a good […] More»