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Morganford continues to improve

Established businesses continue to expand, and new ones are just around the corner. That pretty much sums up the current Morganford experieince. With the exception of Manchester Avenue in Forest Park Southeast (The Grove), I can’t think of any other St. Louis commercial district that has seen a more significant turnaround that Morganford. I’ve touched on this strip in the Tower Grove South neighborhood in previous posts, but the news just seems to keep coming.

Here’s a breakdown of the activity on the strip between Arsenal and Utah:

  • The Future Antiques (T.F.A) expansion – Their warehouse showroom on Morganford was a welcome addition to the district, but it was never the most eye-catching building from the street. Until now. Facade work, finished a couple of weeks ago, has given the building a huge face lift. Look at the red and black tiles. Nice.
  • Unnamed restaurant/retail development at the corner of Connecticut – This project took some pretty major strides right after I posted about it in May. Late on night, I even saw the building with all interior and exterior lights on with the windows uncovered. It looked great. Then they covered up the windows. Now, it almost appears that they are going back and changing some things. I don’t exactly know what’s going on, but there are still workers there daily so I am sure its got to be getting close.
  • New bar in the old Ron’s Mighty Pub location – I see workers hitting this one hard each day. At one point, the word was that this bar was going to be focused on a soccer theme. I haven’t gotten anything concrete yet, but more should be known soon.
  • Three Monkeys expansion – In response to the fact that the place was literally busting at the seams each and every night, Three Monkeys just finished a major expansion. They now occupy their original location and the adjoining building formerly used by CK Designs. Interior dining space has probably doubled and there are now more outside seats.
  • Local Harvet Cafe & Catering – Just across the street from the relatively new Local Harvet Grocery Store, this place just opened up last week. I haven’t been inside yet, but it looks another great addition to the lineup.

While these projects are the most noticeable in the area, there are even more good things going on. Lots of buildings are in various stages of repair and will likely be used for some unknown commercial purpose sometime in the not too distant future. Even the eclectic art gallery on the corner of Juniata is finally opened. If only something would happen with that 7-11.


Matt Kastner

Matt Kastner is an Investment Real Estate Consultant at St. Louis Real Estate Society in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also develops properties on the side through Threshold Properties. When he isn't representing investors in the purchase or sale of multifamily properties, rehabs, foreclosures and other income producing properties, he is often taking on rehab projects himself. He lives in South St. Louis and has been in the real estate business since 2004.

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One thought on “Morganford continues to improve”

  • Brian S.

    July 22, 2008 at 10:44 am

    I agree that the 7-11 is a problem. I’d also like to see the car wash gone – I’ve heard they’ve had some crime issues in the past (might be better now though).

    One site I’d like to see redeveloped is the Imo’s site. It’s great to have Imo’s in the neighborhood, but their building (an old gas station?) really disrupts the flow of the business district. It would be cool to have them elsewhere in the neighborhood so that a more fitting building could be built in its place.


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