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More FPSE updates

I just came across a bit more information about the one of the projects in Forest Park Southeast (The Grove) that I spotlighted yesterday. It turns out that this building at 4212 Manchester is going to be a green development. Surprisingly, this would be the first green development in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Plans submitted to St. Louis City estimated that the project would cost $2.1 million.

I found that information on Forest Park Southeast’s website. While I was there, I also found another interesting bit of information about the neighboring parcels at 4542-44 Manchester. Here is what the site says is going on with the property:

Developer: Peter George, Blue Shutters Raineri
Description: Request the purchase of two vacant LRA lots to be developed as a 24,000-36,000 square foot retail/office building. The developers are assembling properties for the project.
Estimated Project Cost: $4.2 million
Development Committee Action: Supported request to purchase two vacant LRA lots.

If this project could actually get off the ground, there would be an impressive amount going on along this block. With Mia Rosa alread finished, and the Sitelines Project underway, this could add yet another pip to the collar.


Matt Kastner

Matt Kastner is an Investment Real Estate Consultant at St. Louis Real Estate Society in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also develops properties on the side through Threshold Properties. When he isn't representing investors in the purchase or sale of multifamily properties, rehabs, foreclosures and other income producing properties, he is often taking on rehab projects himself. He lives in South St. Louis and has been in the real estate business since 2004.

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One thought on “More FPSE updates”

  • michelle tinsley

    October 28, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    The building at 4301 Arco is a yoga and meditation studio. I rent it from RSTL (The Gills). So, the dance studio theory was close-but its yoga!
    Stop by and say hi!


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