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Mama Josephine’s coming to Shaw

Looks like the Shaw neighborhood will be getting another addition to it’s restaurant lineup. Mama Josephine’s located at 4000 Shaw Boulevard, will be offering homestyle meals starting March 2010. Not many details on the place yet, but the sign says they will have dine-in, carryout and delivery. Located about a block east of Sasha’s on […]

Urban decay photography

Even in the midst of neglect beauty can often be found. Buildings caving on themselves from lack of repair are not what most would consider aesthetically pleasing, but even in these wrecks a trained eye can see things worth noting. For instance, take a look at these pictures.

Morganford or Morgan Ford?

If you frequent South Saint Louis, you have no-doubt seen Morganford Road. Stretching north and south from Arsenal at Tower Grove Park to Bayless in South Saint Louis County, the street is quite prominent. That is why it is so perplexing that there is no consistent name given to the street. Is it Morganford or […]

Bye-bye Shrewsbury gasometers

Two years ago there were four Laclede Gas gasometers left in St. Louis. I was saddened to see the gasometer in Forest Park Southeast torn down a couple years back, but at least there was still one of these monstrosities in North City near Goodfellow and two more next to I-44 in Shrewsbury. Until now.

Pet Spa coming to Tower Grove South

You know a neighborhood is on the right track when it can support not only two business districts (South Grand and Morgan Ford), but also a hodge-podge of businesses interspersed throughout the neighborhood. That is exactly what continues to happen in the neighborhood of Tower Grove South with the soon-to-be-opened A Walk in the Park […]

South Grand streetscape test

I haven’t posted anything about the proposed changes to the streetscape on South Grand since early last year as these projects tend to drag on forever. Thankfully, it looks like things are finally coming together.  In fact, the 3- lane proposal (my personal favorite) is actually being tested right now.

Guardian Angels St. Louis chapter?

It’s no secret that the City of St. Louis has it’s share of crime problems. The trouble is, no matter how much money is pumped into police patrols, they are still merely a reactive force. To really stop crime, it takes the community coming together and saying “we won’t stand ofr it anymore.” Thats were […]

Pointer’s Market opens

The new grocer in Benton Park, Pointer’s Market, is now open at 2901 Salena. Yours truely hasn’t been there yet, but they have been open for almost a week. Benton Park is really coming into it’s own when it comes to business and residential progress. Looks like they just got another good addition to the […]

Philadelphia: An urban experience

A couple weekends ago, I took a trip to Philadelphia with some old friends, to watch our beloved St. Louis Cardinals play in foreign territory. In the eleven years I have been doing this I have watched the Cardinals play in thirteen different stadiums around the country.

Morganford street art

The already decorative storefronts along the Morganford Business District in Tower Grove South are taking things to the next level. The Tin Can has had their “beer can” sculpture up for some time now, but to my knowledge, the rest of these have popped up within the last few weeks.

SLPS working with Charters

In a 180 from their previous policy of refusing to sell their fromers school buildings to Charter School Providers, the St. Louis Public School officially announced this morning that they are now willing to consider offers from Charter Schools on these buildings.

The Map Room in Benton Park is finally open

It looks like The Map Room finally opened up in Benton Park. They showed signs up opening in November, but it looks like they just took the plunge. Benton Park seems to be the place to be for coffee houses and microbrews as of late. Best of luck. Here is their website.

Is Obama going MAD?

File this one under a non-real estate related bit of nonsense. Driving down Cherokee Street in Benton Park West this afternoon, I noticed a mural, which I have never seen before: This picture of Barrack Obama.

UR MOMS live karaoke bar

Tucked away among the warehouses of the St. Louis neighborhood of Fox Park, in the basement of the Koken Art Factory building, is  a new and unique entertainment venue. UR MOMS Bar at 2500 Ohio takes karaoke to the next level by incorporating a live band into the performance.