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Threshold storefront progress

It’s been nearly a year since I moved my company, Threshold Investment Properties, into my current building at 2654 Gravois and I haven’t stopped working on it for one minute. The building has quite a ways to go before its done, but the office itself is nearing completion. The best example of this transformation is […]

My real estate interview on NPR

One of the best things about blogging St. Louis development and real estate deals is that I am increasingly finding myself being contacted by a lot of interesting people. I’ve actually been contacted by quite a few local and even national news providers in the past few months

Threshold has a home

Following a couple of delays, and still with a few strings attached, the purchase of my new home and office was finally closed today. I was reluctant to post much about it until I closed, but now its open season. This image is a picture of the front facade of the building. Many of the […]

New office closing delayed… AGAIN!

I was hoping to post pictures of my new office and home this afternoon. I was originally set to close last Thursday on the property, but the commercial tenant still hadn’t vacated and we had to push it to today. Now it looks like we have to delay it again. For another week! Seems that […]

Threshold Investment Properties

Whenever I become irregular in my posting schedule, I always feel like I owe you readers an explanation. What with my ongoing rehab project on Connecticut and a rather frantic amount of real estate transactions to handle, I have had a hard time keeping up with everything, but that is no secret. What is a […]