Co-Owner / Real Estate Broker

Riahna Kastner


Riahna Kastner is the Managing Broker and Co-Owner of St. Louis Real Estate Society. She works closely with the agents and staff in our office to guide, train, and mentor them in all things real estate. When working with buyers and sellers, she specializes in working with clients who have a particular interest in multi-family investment properties, rehabbing and property redevelopment as an investor or as an owner-occupant, and with historic properties located in the City of St. Louis.

Real Estate is one of my passions in life. If you need help with something real estate related, chances are high that I either do it or can point you in the direction of someone who does.


  • Master of Arts, Saint Louis University
  • Licensed Missouri Broker (Realtor®)
  • Investor & Rehabber since 2004
  • Recipient of ‘Five Star Real Estate Professional’ award in 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017
  • Fluent in Spanish


Riahna Kastner embodies a true passion for real estate which is evident in the first few moments you talk with her. She possesses an impressive background as a Broker and Investor who enjoys navigating the process of each real estate development project. Everything Riahna does is thoughtful and deliberate; she is prepared, skilled, and informed when it comes to helping our clients meet their goals through real estate investment. She has a keen enthusiasm for redeveloping properties and a commitment to her hometown which keeps her firmly rooted in her beloved South St. Louis City. Simply put, Riahna loves working in real estate, and that twinkle in her eye is genuine as she walks through properties & envisions all of their potential.