At St. Louis Real Estate Society, we understand choosing a home or investment property requires a balancing act between what the heart wants and what your money will buy. We achieve the happy medium for you when you buy real estate with us. We help you navigate the emotional side of buying, so you make balanced, informed decisions. Both your heart and pocketbook will thank you!

Your Buying Strategy

The St. Louis Real Estate Society team will locate the perfect property to fit your needs and negotiate the deal to meet your budget.

The Right Agent

Making sure you have an agent who listens to your needs and has the experience to meet them is crucial. You will always be paired with the ideal team member for your buying experience.

Balancing Act

Knowing what you want is easy. Finding a place that fits your needs perfectly, on a budget, can be difficult. Let us find the perfect value by prioritizing your needs and wants.

Market Guidance

You’re making a big purchase and we want your investment to thrive. We’ll make sure you’re not buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood, or a building that can’t maintain renters.

Savvy Negotiation

We’ll write up the offer with contract terms that meet your needs and will work every angle to ensure you get the best deal. Our agents have no qualms about putting on their game-face!

Property Search

We’ll take the time to understand your specific needs and wants, and then send you hand-picked properties so you don’t have to waste time weeding through ones that aren’t a fit

Additional Resources

No matter your experience, you’ll undoubtedly have questions. Luckily, we’ve “been there, done that” and can arm you with information and recommendations for proven service providers.

Our experience and strategies provide proven results for homebuyers and investors.

We Know Real Estate Investors

Analysis-Based Purchasing

We know where there are profit-margins and when a property is a waste of time.

Property Managers

Since we manage property too, we can offer Rental Investors a one-stop-shop for handling investments.

Rehab Specialists

Our team can help identify profitable rehab properties to buy and can even handle the sale-side of things upon completion.

Our Buyer Results

We have a long track record of locating and closing deals for our Buyer clients. Here’s a look at our Report Card.

Property Types

Units Purchased

Buyer Transactions

This section is under construction. The stats currently in these charts are placeholders for actual stats, which are soon to come. Thank you for your patience.

Our team gets results for Buyers, and we can for you too!

Trust Us With Your Home Search

Independent & Local Ownership

We are a locally owned, real estate company created and operated to meet the specific needs of the St. Louis Buyer and Seller.

Experienced Buyer Team

Over 25 years of experience across thousands of units representing St. Louis area single & multi-family buyers.

Your Home is an Investment

No matter the budget, we strive to locate a good value and strong equity position.

Let's Talk About Buying Property

Contact us today for more on how we can help find your next home or investment property.

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