St. Louis Real Estate Society is a property management company started by investors for investors. One of our core philosophies is that Investing in Real Estate is the best way to grow your wealth. That said, any seasoned pro will tell you proper management of your investment after the purchase is the true secret to realizing the best returns.

That’s where we come in. With over 40 years of real-world investment and property management experience, we can help you maximize short and long-term gains. We will partner with you to create a management plan that focuses on helping you achieve your investment goals so that owning rental properties can truly be a “set it and forget it” endeavor.

Your Convenience

Our detailed reporting and your 24/7 access to information will leave you feeling confident that your nest egg is in good hands, without us bothering you with daily phone calls.

Online Portal

Through our online management software (Buildium), you’ll have your own account which gives you 24-hour access to information about your units, including “IRS-friendly” financial reports, work orders, inspection results and communication logs.

Monthly Reports

Each month we will send you a report summarizing all of the activity that occurred at your property during the previous month. This will include everything from the status of our leasing activities to the progress on work orders.

Bill Paying

We take care of paying all of your bills for you including utilities, mortgages, insurance, taxes, repairs, etc. You have the flexibility to determine which bills you would like for us to cover and which you would prefer to pay yourself.

Asset Management

Since we are also an experienced Real Estate Investment Brokerage, we help make sure your properties are being managed not only for the highest profits today, but for the highest valuation tomorrow as well.


Want to set aside a portion of your profits each month to cover expenses like property taxes and future improvements so that your portfolio covers its own costs? We can work with you to create a custom escrows and budget to do just that.

Direct Deposit

Once a month, your profits will be deposited electronically into your account so the money is immediately available to you. You can also make any contributions to cover expenses online.

For more info on how our services will manage your needs, check out the Landlord Section of our Property Management Services FAQ (COMING SOON).

Our Management Fees

Monthly Management Fees

Based on a percentage of income collected. If you don’t get paid, we don’t.

Leasing Fees

Fair rates with discounts for higher rent levels and unit quantities.

Maintenance Fees

Flat hourly maintenance fees, no markup on materials, and truly detailed billing.

Your Tenants

Finding, overseeing, and retaining quality tenants is the income lifeblood of any rental investment. Our systems are designed to attract (and keep!) great tenants.

Showing Vacancies

We develop custom marketing strategies for your vacant units in order to maximize the exposure of the unit to the largest pool of potential applicants, as well as handle all tenant inquiries and viewing appointments.

Tenant Screening

We make sure tenants will keep your unit in good shape, and check their previous landlord history. We also handle criminal background checks, credit history, and income/employment checks.

Lease Documents

When the right tenant for your property is found, we’ll handle all of the paperwork on our online custom attorney-approved lease documents site so you don’t have to worry about making yourself available to sign documents.

Rent Collection

We handle collection of all rental income for each unit that you own including any late fees or service charges. This includes following up with tenants, to make sure that they pay.

Tenant Communications

You will never be contacted by a tenant directly nor will we give them your information as we’ll act as your gateway. Through their online portal, your tenants can submit maintenance requests, access their lease, and even pay rent.


We have a strict policy regarding delinquent payments. No one likes to have to evict a tenant, but if it happens, we’ll take all the necessary steps, and follow-up with you to keep you informed throughout the process.

For more info on how our services will manage your tenants, check out the Tenant Section of our Property Management Services FAQ (COMING SOON).

Our Management Creditials

Licensed Realtors®

We are a fully licensed Missouri real estate brokerage.

Experienced Managers

Over 25 years of property management experience.

Maintenance Staff

Full-Time dedicated maintenance crew.

Your Property

Keeping expenses down is the key to quality returns. Our maintenance system will help keep your costs managed and in check.


Our dedicated full-time maintenance staff can handle most routine work orders we throw at them. For items requiring a specialist, we leverage our existing relations with 3rd-party vendors to get you the best prices and timely service.

Unit Turnover

After a tenant leaves, we paint, clean, and get your unit make-ready for the next tenant. We’ll get the newly vacated unit passed on municipal inspections and turned-over in no time to keep the rental income flowing.


Our staff and 3rd-party partners can even handle recurring work such as lawn care, landscaping, snow shoveling and common area cleaning. We utilize our quantity discounts to keep the costs down for you.


Too many property managers only visit the property if a tenant reports that something has broken. We will do bi-annual interior and bi-annual interior inspections where we check for problems and hit routine preventive issues.


With our monitored 24-hour Emergency Maintenance line, even if a major event occurs in the wee hours of the morning, our maintenance staff will be ready to act to protect your property and tenants.

Action Plans

When we take on a new property to manage, we do a condition inventory at the property and work with you to develop a budget and plan of attack for handling current and future repairs and capital improvements.

For more info on how our services will manage your needs, check out the Landlord Section of our Property Management Services FAQ (COMING SOON).

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