Becoming a real estate investor can be a fantastic way to grow wealth. However, it can also be a quick way to become overwhelmed. Understanding how to avoid the pitfalls of investing in real estate, a profitable investor surrounds themselves with a knowledgeable team that has hands-on experience both with investing and with the local market. This is where St. Louis Real Estate Society shines. We support our clients’ goals through solid market analysis, skillful negotiation, and the art of good timing. When you put your money on the line you need a reliable, knowledgeable adviser who understands your needs and has the capacity to finish the job.

This page is currently under construction. Most of its features are up and running, but please note that everything is not yet 100% complete. Thank you for your patience.

Investment Specialists

Our experience in brokering investment sales for both Buyers & Sellers, Managing rental property, and developing and owning investment property ourselves, we can put our specialized skillsets to work for you.

Investment Analysis Tools

Our market analysis tools will help you understand everything you need to know about the neighborhood in which you’re investing, what you can expect from a sale, and what updates you need to make.

St. Louis Multi-Family Experts

Multi-family rentals abound in St. Louis. We know which ones can be profitable, and which ones to let go. Let us find the perfect property for your hard-earned money.

Successful Rehabs and Renovations

We renovate and rehab our own properties, so we know what it takes for a property to be successful. Let us support your rehab process and give you tips and tools to make your real estate experience successful.

Listed & Unlisted Properties

Sure, you can access listings on websites and crawl through them on your own time, but we often know about listings before they get posted online. We have the network to find the perfect property before anyone else and we’ll send you a curated list to your inbox. Working with us will give you the investment edge.

Property Management Insights

Want to invest in a property, but uncertain about property management? We can help you work through a plan for self-management or can take the task off your hands or we can manage your properties and take that worry out of the equation for you.

Tailored Investment Plan

We work with each investor to set up a personal plan to meet their goals and budgets. Before venturing into a deal we sit down and craft a plan with your specific defined goals and objectives in mind. Planning for future retirement? Looking for additional income? We will help you achieve your goals.

Let us help you nuture your portfolio. Your pocketbook will thank you.

What We Do

Property Management Services

Whether you’re purchasing a new rental property or are looking to turn over your existing portfolio, our team will leave you feeling confident that your nest egg is in good hands.

Buyer Services

We not only have tools to efficiently manage property, we can also help you to expand portfolio. Let us help you locate rental property to match your needs and budget.

Seller Services

Our expert sales team has a constant pulse on the market and we can help you keep up with the value of your investments and when it might be an opportune time to sell rather than continue holding.

Available Properties

Here is a sample of some of the properties we currently have For Sale.

Our lineup of properties is constantly changing. Check out our full property list or contact us to further discuss your specific needs.

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